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Title: Guidance for Developing and Implementing Long-Term Surveillance Plans for UMTRCA Title I and Title II Disposal Sites

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Program Document
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USDOE Office of Legacy Management (LM)
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USDOE Office of Legacy Management (LM)
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United States
uranium mill taiings radiation control, cleanup, surveillance plan, LTSP, UMTRCA, 2012, Long-Term Surveillance Plan, Site-Specific, Legal and Regulatory Requirements, Final Disposal Site Conditions, Disposal Site and Vicinity, Site Ownership, Site History, Disposal Site Description, Surface Remedy, Surface Conditions, Disposal Cell Design, Permanent Site Surveillance Features, Geology, Hydrology, and Groundwater, Site Geology and Hydrology, Groundwater Remedy, Groundwater Conditions, Institutional Controls, General License for Long-Term Custody, Annual Site Inspections, Frequency of Inspections, Inspection Procedure, Inspection Checklist, Personnel, Annual Inspection Report, Routine Site Maintenance and Emergency Measures, Environmental Monitoring, Groundwater Monitoring, Vegetation Monitoring, Land Use Monitoring, Institutional Controls Monitoring, Health and Safety, Environmental Management System, General License Requirements for the Split Rock Disposal Site, Maximum Concentration Limits for Groundwater Protection, Monitoring Results from 2004 to 2008 at the Bear Creek, Wyoming, Disposal Site, DOE Criteria for Maintenance and Emergency Measures, draft LTSP for the Bear Creek, Wyoming, UMTRCA Title II Disposal Site, Specifications for Permanent Site Surveillance Features, Disposal Site and Disposal Cell Inspection Techniques, Sample Inspection Checklist Package, Earthquake Reporting Criteria and Event Monitoring