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Title: Toughened and corrosion- and wear-resistant composite structures and fabrication methods thereof

Composite structures having a reinforced material interjoined with a substrate and methods of creating a composite material interjoined with a substrate. In some embodiments the composite structure may be a line or a spot or formed by reinforced material interjoined with the substrate. The methods typically include disposing a precursor material comprising titanium diboride and/or titanium monoboride on at least a portion of the substrate and heating the precursor material and the at least a portion of the substrate in the presence of an oxidation preventative until at least a portion of the precursor material forms reinforced material interjoined with the substrate. The precursor material may be disposed on the substrate as a sheet or a tape or a slurry or a paste. Localized surface heating may be used to heat the precursor material. The reinforced material typically comprises a titanium boron compound, such as titanium monoboride, and preferably comprises .beta.-titanium. The substrate is typically titanium-bearing, iron-bearing, or aluminum-bearing. A welding rod is provided as an embodiment. The welding rod includes a metal electrode and a precursor material is disposed adjacent at least a portion of the metal electrode. A material for use in forming a composite structure is provided.more » The material typically includes a precursor material that includes one or more materials selected from the following group: titanium diboride and titanium monoboride. The material also typically includes a flux.« less
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Patent File Date: 2008 May 16
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Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant (Y-12), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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