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Title: SiC MOSFET Based Single Phase Active Boost Rectifier with Power Factor Correction for Wireless Power Transfer Applications

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology is a novel research area in the charging technology that bridges the utility and the automotive industries. There are various solutions that are currently being evaluated by several research teams to find the most efficient way to manage the power flow from the grid to the vehicle energy storage system. There are different control parameters that can be utilized to compensate for the change in the impedance due to variable parameters such as battery state-of-charge, coupling factor, and coil misalignment. This paper presents the implementation of an active front-end rectifier on the grid side for power factor control and voltage boost capability for load power regulation. The proposed SiC MOSFET based single phase active front end rectifier with PFC resulted in >97% efficiency at 137mm air-gap and >95% efficiency at 160mm air-gap.
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  1. ORNL
  2. (JNJ), John M. [JNJ- PLC
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Conference: Applied Power Electronic Conference and Exposition, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 20140316, 20140320
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); National Transportation Research Center (NTRC); Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Research Facility
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ORNL work for others
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United States
WPT; wireless power transfer; wireless charging of EVs; electromagnetic resonance induction coupling; Silicon Carbide Inverter; power electronics packaging; power factor correction; active rectifier; front-end converter