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Title: Differentiating the role of lithium and oxygen in retaining deuterium on lithiated graphite plasma-facing components

Laboratory experiments have been used to investigate the fundamental interactions responsible for deuterium retention in lithiated graphite. Oxygen was found to be present and play a key role in experiments that simulated NSTX lithium conditioning, where the atomic surface concentration can increase to >40% when deuterium retention chemistry is observed. Quantum-classical molecular dynamic simulations elucidated this oxygen-deuterium effect and showed that oxygen retains significantly more deuterium than lithium in a simulated matrix with 20% lithium, 20% oxygen, and 60% carbon. Simulations further show that deuterium retention is even higher when lithium is removed from the matrix. Experiments artificially increased the oxygen content in graphite to approximately 16% and then bombarded with deuterium. XPS showed depletion of the oxygen and no enhanced deuterium retention, thus demonstrating that lithium is essential in retaining the oxygen that thereby retains deuterium.
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Conference: American Physical Society - Division of Plasma Physics,Denver, CO,11/11/2013,11/15/2013
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Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
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United States
70 PLASMA PHYSICS AND FUSION TECHNOLOGY; graphite; lithium; oxygen; Plasma facing components