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Title: Liquid CO 2/Coal Slurry for Feeding Low Rank Coal to Gasifiers

This study investigates the practicality of using a liquid CO 2/coal slurry preparation and feed system for the E-Gas™ gasifier in an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) electric power generation plant configuration. Liquid CO 2 has several property differences from water that make it attractive for the coal slurries used in coal gasification-based power plants. First, the viscosity of liquid CO 2 is much lower than water. This means it should take less energy to pump liquid CO 2 through a pipe compared to water. This also means that a higher solids concentration can be fed to the gasifier, which should decrease the heat requirement needed to vaporize the slurry. Second, the heat of vaporization of liquid CO 2 is about 80% lower than water. This means that less heat from the gasification reactions is needed to vaporize the slurry. This should result in less oxygen needed to achieve a given gasifier temperature. And third, the surface tension of liquid CO 2 is about 2 orders of magnitude lower than water, which should result in finer atomization of the liquid CO 2 slurry, faster reaction times between the oxygen and coal particles, and better carbon conversion at the same gasifiermore » temperature. EPRI and others have recognized the potential that liquid CO 2 has in improving the performance of an IGCC plant and have previously conducted systemslevel analyses to evaluate this concept. These past studies have shown that a significant increase in IGCC performance can be achieved with liquid CO 2 over water with certain gasifiers. Although these previous analyses had produced some positive results, they were still based on various assumptions for liquid CO 2/coal slurry properties.« less
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  1. Electric Power Research Institute, Inc., Palo Alto, CA (United States)
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Electric Power Research Institute, Inc., Palo Alto, CA (United States)
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