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Title: Final Technical Report [Toward Simultaneous Single-Particle Chemical and Optical Characterization: Development of a Multi-Angle Optical Scattering Module for the Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer]

This project was an initial effort to investigate the feasibility of an instrument combining real-time atmospheric particle composition measurements using an ATOFMS (Atmospheric Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometer) such as those performed by Prather’s group at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with multi-wavelength scattering measurements of the type investigated by Sorensen et al., of Kansas State University (KSU). In this Phase I effort we proposed to investigate near-angle scattering and the possibility of integration of a multi-wavelength scattering instrument into the UCSD ATOFMS. After an initial optical design and calculations, we discovered issues with the theory of measurement and with mechanical integration. Evidence emerged that the method of multi-wavelength scattering is only efficacious for spherical particles, while most atmospheric particles are non-spherical fractal aggregates. We also determined that the integration of the detector into existing ATOFMS instruments would be severely limited by volume constraints, and additional volume would require prohibitive additional pumping compared with the existing ATOFMS systems. Based on this evidence, we decided not to pursue a Phase II effort.
  1. Photon Machines, Inc.
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Final Report
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