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Title: Large High Resolution Displays for Co-Located Collaborative Sensemaking: Display Usage and Territoriality

Large, high-resolution vertical displays carry the potential to increase the accuracy of collaborative sensemaking, given correctly designed visual analytics tools. From an exploratory user study using a fictional textual intelligence analysis task, we investigated how users interact with the display to construct spatial schemas and externalize information, as well as how they establish shared and private territories. We investigated the space management strategies of users partitioned by type of tool philosophy followed (visualization- or text-centric). We classified the types of territorial behavior exhibited in terms of how the users interacted with information on the display (integrated or independent workspaces). Next, we examined how territorial behavior impacted the common ground between the pairs of users. Finally, we offer design suggestions for building future co-located collaborative visual analytics tools specifically for use on large, high-resolution vertical displays.
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (US)
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United States
large high-resolution displays; co-located collaborative sensemaking; visual analytics; territoriality