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Title: Thermophysical Properties of Alloy 617 from 25°C to 1000°C

Key thermophysical properties needed for the successful design and use of Alloy 617 in steam generator and heat exchanger applications have been measured experimentally, and results are compared with literature values and results obtained from some other commercial Ni–Cr alloys and model materials. Specifically, the thermal diffusivity, thermal expansion coefficient, and specific heat capacity have been measured for Alloy 617 over a range of temperatures, allowing calculation of thermal conductivity up to 1000 degrees C. It has been found that the thermal conductivity of Alloy 617 exhibits significant deviation from monotonic behavior in the temperature range from 600 degrees C to 850 degrees C, the temperatures of interest for most heat transfer applications. The non-linear behavior appears to result primarily from short-range order/disorder phenomena known to occur in the Ni–Cr system. Similar deviation from monotonic behavior was observed in the solid solution Ni–Cr-W Alloy 230, and lesser deviations were observed in iron based Alloy 800H and an austenitic stainless steel. Measured thermophysical property data are provided for four different heats of Alloy 617, and it is shown that property variations between the four different heats are not significant. Measurements were also obtained from Alloy 617 that was aged for upmore » to 2000 h at 750 degrees C, and it was found that this aging treatment does not significantly influence the thermophysical properties.« less
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Journal Name: Nuclear Engineering and Design; Journal Volume: 262
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Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
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United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; 21 SPECIFIC NUCLEAR REACTORS AND ASSOCIATED PLANTS Alloy 617; coefficient of thermal expansion; specific heat capacity; thermal conductivity; thermal diffusivity