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Title: 2012 Monitoring Research Review: Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Technologies

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  1. Los Alamos National Laboratory
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TRN: US1204831
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Conference: 2012 Monitoring Research Review ; 2012-09-18 - 2012-09-18 ; Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
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Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
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United States
45 MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, WEAPONRY, AND NATIONAL DEFENSE; 58 GEOSCIENCES; 98 NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, SAFEGUARDS, AND PHYSICAL PROTECTION; 73 NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND RADIATION PHYSICS; APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY; GROUND MOTION; MONITORING; NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS CALIBRATION; CTBTO; DATA PROCESSING; DETECTION; MINING; MISSILES; MONITORING; NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION; NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS; ON-SITE INSPECTION; RADIOISOTOPES; SECURITY; SEISMIC SOURCES; WAVE PROPAGATION; acoustic detection; air force research; arms control; blast loads; broadband; calibration data; comprehensive test ban treaty; CTBT; data processing; earth crust; earth mantle; earth models; earthquakes; event location; explosive coupling; far field; geologic formation; geophysics; greens functions; ground truth; high frequency; hydroacoustics; information exchange; infrasound; lithosphere; location and depth estimation; location and path calibration; mining engineering; monitoring; monitoring research review; seismic networks; nnsa; nuclear explosion; nuclear explosion detection; nuclear testing; nuclear-test-ban; position finding; primary seismic waves; proceedings; radioactive isotopes; radionuclides; radioXenon; regional seismic monitoring; research management; scattering; secondary waves; seismic arrays; seismic data; seismic detection; seismic disrimination; seismic research review; seismic research symposium; seismic wave velocity; seismographs; seismic waves; seismology; signal processing; site investigations; source identification; spectrum analysis; stochastic processes; stress strain relationships; surface waves; symposia; teleseismic; topography; treaties; treaty verification; underground explosions; underground testing; underwater acoustics; underwater explosions; verification; viscoelasticity; waveform; wave propagation; yield nuclear explosion; USAEDS; United States Atomic Energy Detection System; AEDS; Atomic Energy Detection System; NDC; National Data Center; USNDC; United States National Data Center; IDC; International Data Center; CTBTO; Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization; IMS; International Monitoring System; OSI; On-Site Inspection