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Title: Laser ablative synthesis of carbon nanotubes

An improved method for the production of single walled carbon nanotubes that utilizes an RF-induction heated side-pumped synthesis chamber for the production of such. Such a method, while capable of producing large volumes of carbon nanotubes, concurrently permits the use of a simplified apparatus that allows for greatly reduced heat up and cool down times and flexible flowpaths that can be readily modified for production efficiency optimization. The method of the present invention utilizes a free electron laser operating at high average and peak fluence to illuminate a rotating and translating graphite/catalyst target to obtain high yields of SWNTs without the use of a vacuum chamber.
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  1. (Newport News, VA)
  2. (Yorktown, VA)
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U S Patent Application 11/589,011
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Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (Newport News, VA)
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United States