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Title: Physical Principles of Skeletal Minerals Revealed with Spectromicroscopy

Skeletal elements of marine and terrestrial organisms have the most fascinating nano-to-macro-structures, attracting the attention of physicists, biologists, chemists, and materials scientists. Usingmore » X-PEEM spectromicroscopy we revealed some of the fundamental mechanisms leading to the formation of these biominerals. Specifically, we addressed the following questions and provided the answers: 1Q) How do teeth, bones, and echinoderm and mollusk shells acquire their unusual, curved and complex morphology, if they are composed of single crystals? 1A) Via amorphous precursor phases; 2Q) How does crystallinity propagate through the amorophous precursor phases in sea urchin spicules and teeth? 2A) By secondary nucleation, following random walk patterns; 3Q) How does iridescent mother-of-pearl become ordered? 3A) Gradually, through a kinetic mechanisms in which fastest growing single-crystals win the competition for space, thus end up being approximately co-oriented.« less
Title: Physical Principles of Skeletal Minerals Revealed with Spectromicroscopy
Publication Date: 2009-08-05
OSTI Identifier: 987285
DOE Contract Number: ACO2-06CH11357
Other Number(s): Other: 20090805-150242-1
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Specific Type: Multimedia Presentation
Resource Relation: Conference: APS Colloquium Series, Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois (United States), presented on August 05, 2009
Research Org: ANL-APS (Argonne National Laboratory-Advanced Photon Source (United States))
Sponsoring Org: USDOE Office of Science (SC)
Publisher: Advanced Photon Source (APS) Colloquium Series Video Collection
Country of Publication: United States
Language: English
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