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Title: Fun D.C. Jobs for Physicists

Physicists make valuable contributions in a wide variety of careers, including those in Washington. Many national challenges, including energy, innovation, and security, create a demand for technicallmore »y-competent individuals across government. Clark will discuss some of the many programs in D.C. designed to attract the best and brightest minds, from grad-students to professors, from short-term assignments to whole new careers. These are great opportunities to use your expertise and enrich your knowledge of the broader scientific enterprise, all while serving society.« less
Title: Fun D.C. Jobs for Physicists
Publication Date: 2009-09-30
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Publisher: Fermilab Colloquia Online: 2000 to the Present Videos of Science Lecture and Presentations from the Colloquium Program at Fermi National Laboratory
Country of Publication: United States
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