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Title: Energy 101: Energy Efficient Data Centers

Data centers provide mission-critical computing functions vital to the daily operation of top U.S. economic, scientific, and technological organizations. These data centers consume large amounts of enmore »ergy to run and maintain their computer systems, servers, and associated high-performance components—up to 3% of all U.S. electricity powers data centers. And as more information comes online, data centers will consume even more energy. Data centers can become more energy efficient by incorporating features like power-saving "stand-by" modes, energy monitoring software, and efficient cooling systems instead of energy-intensive air conditioners. These and other efficiency improvements to data centers can produce significant energy savings, reduce the load on the electric grid, and help protect the nation by increasing the reliability of critical computer operations.« less
Title: Energy 101: Energy Efficient Data Centers
Publication Date: 2011-01-01
OSTI Identifier: 1045157
Resource Type: Multimedia
Sponsoring Org: USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
Subject: 32 ENERGY CONSERVATION, CONSUMPTION, AND UTILIZATION ; data centers ; energy saving ; energy efficiency ; doe ; eere ; department of energy ; energy 101 ; stand by mode
Country of Publication: United States
Language: English
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