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Title: Final Scientific EFNUDAT Workshop

The Final Scientific EFNUDAT Workshop - organized by the CERN/EN-STI group on behalf of n_TOF Collaboration - will be held at CERN, Geneva (Switzerland) from 30 August to 2 September 2010 inclusive. Emore »FNUDAT website: http://www.efnudat.euTopics of interest include: Data evaluation Cross section measurements Experimental techniques Uncertainties and covariances Fission properties Current and future facilities ; International Advisory Committee: C. Barreau (CENBG, France)T. Belgya (IKI KFKI, Hungary)E. Gonzalez (CIEMAT, Spain)F. Gunsing (CEA, France)F.-J. Hambsch (IRMM, Belgium)A. Junghans (FZD, Germany)R. Nolte (PTB, Germany)S. Pomp (TSL UU, Sweden) ;Workshop Organizing Committee: Enrico Chiaveri (Chairman)Marco Calviani Samuel Andriamonje Eric Berthoumieux Carlos Guerrero Roberto Losito Vasilis Vlachoudis;Workshop Assistant: Geraldine Jean« less
Title: Final Scientific EFNUDAT Workshop
Publication Date: 2010-11-09
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