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Title: The Whole Story Behind a Half, the Quest to Understand the Proton's Spin (Sambamurti Lecture)

The proton is a positively charged subatomic particle which constitutes the nucleus of the ordinary hydrogen atom. Every atomic nucleus contains one or more protons. It has been known for nearly 80 yemore »ars that the proton's spin is the same as the spin of the electron - a negatively charged subatomic particle that can be found either free, unattached to any atom, or bound to the nucleus of an atom. However, unlike the electron, still believed to be a point particle, the proton is known to be composite, made up of quarks and gluons, all of which have their own spin values. Since a surprising measurement in the late 1980s revealed that the proton's subcomponents did not build up its spin as expected, scientists have maintained an ongoing quest to unravel this puzzle. As part of these worldwide efforts, the spin program at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) has been colliding high-energy beams of polarized protons since late 2001. Aidala, a member of RHIC's PHENIX experiment since the first polarized proton run, has made measurements probing both the transverse as well as the longitudinal spin structure of the proton, helping to elucidate the structure of one of the fundamental building blocks of ordinary matter.« less
Title: The Whole Story Behind a Half, the Quest to Understand the Proton's Spin (Sambamurti Lecture)
Publication Date: 2008-07-22
OSTI Identifier: 1013355
DOE Contract Number: AC02-98CH10886
Other Number(s): TRN: US201117%%541
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Resource Relation: Conference: Brookhaven's Sambamurti Memorial Lectureship, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York (United States), presented on July 22, 2008
Research Org: BNL (Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (United States))
Sponsoring Org: USDOE Office of Science (SC); Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA)
Country of Publication: United States
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