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Title: Technological Forum

Part 1: Mr. Thievent from the Swiss Association of Standardization, as well as Mr. Alleyn, head of technical education at CERN, speak followed by a discussion (the questions are not audible, whistlingmore »...) Part 2: Report from Zürrer, president of the European Committee of Standardization, followed by a discussion. Part 3: Work Groups (round table) with 3 presenters: Hekimi, General Secretary of the European Computer Manufacturing Association, Corthesy, head of the Office of Standardization of Lausanne, Reymond, head of the Office of Standardization EBC Secheron at Geneva, followed by a discussion.« less
Title: Technological Forum
Publication Date: 2006-10-26
OSTI Identifier: 1012026
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Specific Type: Multimedia Presentation
Publisher: CERN
Country of Publication: CERN
Language: English
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