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  1. Over time, laboratories tend to collect chemicals that personnel no longer need for current or planned future work. Extra chemicals may increase exposure risk and claim valuable chemical storage space. This paper describes an effort in identifying and disposing of unneeded legacy chemicals. Finally, time requirements and lessons learned are discussed.
  2. This article presents component failure rate data for use in assessment of lead lithium cooling systems. Best estimate data applicable to this liquid metal coolant is presented. Repair times for similar components are also referenced in this work. These data support probabilistic safety assessment and reliability, availability, maintainability and inspectability analyses.
  3. In this study, selected accident case histories are described that illustrate the potential modes of injury from gas jets, pressure-driven missiles, and asphyxiants. Gas combustion hazards are also briefly mentioned. Using high-pressure helium and nitrogen, estimates of safe exclusion distances are calculated for differing pressures, temperatures, and breach sizes. Some sources for gas system reliability values are also cited.

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