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  1. This paper focuses on synchronized wireless measurement of high-voltage (HV) power system frequency using mobile embedded systems (MESs) integrated with a wireless electric field sensor (WEFS). Unlike traditional synchronized frequency measurement devices, which rely on potential transformers and current transformers physically connected to system elements, a WEFS is used to realize wireless signal acquisition in the vicinity of any HV apparatus. The MES performs real-time frequency estimation using a recursive discrete Fourier transform based algorithm. Network time protocol (NTP) is used for time synchronization, increasing the system flexibility by eliminating global positioning system reliance. An NTP-based synchronized sampling control methodmore » is proposed and implemented in MES to compensate the sampling time error caused by local time drift and division residue. The proposed system has the advantages of portability and lower cost, making it highly accessible and useful for a wide array of synchronized frequency measurement applications. Experiment results verify the accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed system.« less
  2. Here, traditional synchrophasors rely on CTs and PTs physically connected to transmission lines or buses to acquire input signals for phasor measurement. However, it is challenging to install and maintain traditional phasor measurement units in some remote areas due to lack of facilities. Since transmission lines naturally generate alternating electrical and magnetic fields in the surrounding atmosphere, this paper presents two innovative designs for non-contact synchronized measurement devices (NCSMD), including an electric field sensor based non-contact SMD (E-NCSMD) and a magnetic field sensor based non-contact SMD (M-NCSMD). Compared with conventional synchrophasors, E-NCSMD and M-NCSMD are much more flexible to bemore » deployed and have much lower costs, making E-NCSMDs and M-NCSMD highly accessible and useful for a wide array of phasor measurement applications. Laboratory and field experiment results verified the effectiveness of the designs of both E-NCSMD and M-NCSMD.« less
  3. Our study explores the impact of high-photovoltaic (PV) penetration on the inter-area oscillation modes of large-scale power grids. A series of dynamic models with various PV penetration levels are developed based on a detailed model representing the U.S. Eastern Interconnection (EI). Transient simulations are performed to investigate the change of inter-area oscillation modes with PV penetration. The impact of PV control strategies and parameter settings on inter-area oscillations is studied. This paper finds that as PV increases, the damping of the dominant oscillation mode decreases monotonically. We also observed that the mode shape varies with the PV control strategy andmore » new oscillation modes may emerge under inappropriate parameter settings in PV plant controls.« less

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