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  1. Here, the MIX inventory is developed for the years 2008 and 2010 to support the Model Inter-Comparison Study for Asia (MICS-Asia) and the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (TF HTAP) by a mosaic of up-to-date regional emission inventories. Emissions are estimated for all major anthropogenic sources in 29 countries and regions in Asia. We conducted detailed comparisons of different regional emission inventories and incorporated the best available ones for each region into the mosaic inventory at a uniform spatial and temporal resolution. Emissions are aggregated to five anthropogenic sectors: power, industry, residential, transportation, and agriculture. We estimate the totalmore » Asian emissions of 10 species in 2010 as follows: 51.3 Tg SO 2, 52.1 Tg NO x, 336.6 Tg CO, 67.0 Tg NMVOC (non-methane volatile organic compounds), 28.8 Tg NH 3, 31.7 Tg PM 10, 22.7 Tg PM 2.5, 3.5 Tg BC, 8.3 Tg OC, and 17.3 Pg CO 2. Emissions from China and India dominate the emissions of Asia for most of the species. We also estimated Asian emissions in 2006 using the same methodology of MIX. The relative change rates of Asian emissions for the period of 2006–2010 are estimated as follows: –8.1 % for SO 2, +19.2 % for NO x, +3.9 % for CO, +15.5 % for NMVOC, +1.7 % for NH 3, –3.4 % for PM 10, –1.6 % for PM 2.5, +5.5 % for BC, +1.8 % for OC, and +19.9 % for CO 2. Model-ready speciated NMVOC emissions for SAPRC-99 and CB05 mechanisms were developed following a profile-assignment approach.« less
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