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  1. A family of isostructural undecanuclear 3d–4f coordination clusters of formula [Fe III 7Ln III 4O 4(OH) 3(tea) 2(Htea) 3(Piv) 7(H 2O) 2(NO 3) 3], where Ln = Y (1), Gd (2), Tb (3), Dy (4); PivH ≡ pivalic acid and H 3tea ≡ triethanolamine, was synthesised in this paper. The central Fe7 core of the coordination cluster can be described in terms of two {Fe 4O 2} butterfly motifs sharing a common body Fe atom. The two Fe 4 mean-planes subtend a dihedral angle of ca. 72°. The Tb (3) and Dy (4) compounds show Single Molecule Magnet (SMM) behaviourmore » as confirmed by ac-susceptibility and μ-SQUID measurements. Furthermore, 57Fe Mössbauer spectra of 1–4 confirm the presence of high-spin Fe III sites. The spectra of all complexes in the high temperature range (30–300 K) show broad overlapping doublets which were assigned to the body and wing-tip pairs of metal ions within the Fe 7 core. The low temperature Mössbauer spectra show dependence on the nature of the rare-earth metal as a result of its interaction with the iron sites. Finally, we observed a transition from fast (2), to intermediate (1) and very slow (frozen) (3, 4) spin fluctuation phenomena in these compounds.« less

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