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  1. Here, the unexpected ferromagnetism in alkaline hexaborides has attracted extensive research efforts. The exceptionally high Curie temperature sustained by very low density of magnetic moments is yet to be clearly understood. Here, we report the magnetic properties studied in CaB 6 and SrB 6 thin films and their heterostructures with SmB 6 grown by pulsed laser deposition. A coexistence of ferromagnetic and superparamagnetic orders with 2D-type magnetic anisotropy was observed in CaB 6 and SrB 6. Boron deficiency and closely correlated local oxidization were found at the film surface that contacts air and its interface with the oxide substrate. Thesemore » results suggest that the magnetism observed is likely generated by two thin surface/interface layers with high concentration of boron vacancies which are energetically stabled by oxygen cation. Additionally, clear suppression of the superconductivity proximity effect in SmB 6 film was observed when SmB 6 was grown on top of the magnetic CaB 6. Such results demonstrate the interesting perspective of engineering multifunctional heterostructures by coupling the surface magnetic layer with the diversity of other hexaboride materials.« less

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