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  1. In this study, M n+1AX n (MAX) phase Ti 3SiC 2 materials were neutron irradiated at ~400, ~630, and 700 °C to a fluence of ~2 × 10 25 n/m 2 (E > 0.1 MeV). After irradiation at ~400 °C, anisotropic c-axis dilation of ~1.5% was observed. Room temperature strength was reduced from 445 ± 29 MPa to 315 ± 33 MPa and the fracture surfaces showed flat facets and transgranular cracks instead of typical kink-band deformation and bridging ligaments. XRD phase analysis indicated an increase of 10–15 wt% TiC. After irradiation at ~700 °C there were no lattice parametermore » changes, ~5 wt% decomposition to TiC occurred, and strength was 391 ± 71 MPa and 378 ± 31 MPa. The fracture surfaces indicated kink-band based deformation but with lesser extent of delamination than as-received samples. Finally, Ti 3SiC 2 appears to be radiation tolerant at ~400 °C, and increasingly radiation resistant at ~630–700 °C, but a higher temperature may be necessary for full recovery.« less

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