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Title: The Many Hosts of Mycobacteria 8 (MHM8): A conference report

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Journal Name: Tuberculosis Journal Volume: 121 Journal Issue: C; Journal ID: ISSN 1472-9792
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Larsen, Michelle H., Lacourciere, Karen, Parker, Tina M., Kraigsley, Alison, Achkar, Jacqueline M., Adams, Linda B., Dupnik, Kathryn M., Hall-Stoodley, Luanne, Hartman, Travis, Kanipe, Carly, Kurtz, Sherry L., Miller, Michele A., Salvador, Liliana C. M., Spencer, John S., and Robinson, Richard T. The Many Hosts of Mycobacteria 8 (MHM8): A conference report. Netherlands: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1016/
Larsen, Michelle H., Lacourciere, Karen, Parker, Tina M., Kraigsley, Alison, Achkar, Jacqueline M., Adams, Linda B., Dupnik, Kathryn M., Hall-Stoodley, Luanne, Hartman, Travis, Kanipe, Carly, Kurtz, Sherry L., Miller, Michele A., Salvador, Liliana C. M., Spencer, John S., & Robinson, Richard T. The Many Hosts of Mycobacteria 8 (MHM8): A conference report. Netherlands.
Larsen, Michelle H., Lacourciere, Karen, Parker, Tina M., Kraigsley, Alison, Achkar, Jacqueline M., Adams, Linda B., Dupnik, Kathryn M., Hall-Stoodley, Luanne, Hartman, Travis, Kanipe, Carly, Kurtz, Sherry L., Miller, Michele A., Salvador, Liliana C. M., Spencer, John S., and Robinson, Richard T. Sun . "The Many Hosts of Mycobacteria 8 (MHM8): A conference report". Netherlands.
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