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Title: Dislocation-graphene interactions in Cu/graphene composites and the effect of boundary conditions: a molecular dynamics study

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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Journal Name: Carbon Journal Volume: 172 Journal Issue: C; Journal ID: ISSN 0008-6223
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United Kingdom

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Shuang, Fei, and Aifantis, Katerina E. Dislocation-graphene interactions in Cu/graphene composites and the effect of boundary conditions: a molecular dynamics study. United Kingdom: N. p., 2021. Web.
Shuang, Fei, & Aifantis, Katerina E. Dislocation-graphene interactions in Cu/graphene composites and the effect of boundary conditions: a molecular dynamics study. United Kingdom.
Shuang, Fei, and Aifantis, Katerina E. Mon . "Dislocation-graphene interactions in Cu/graphene composites and the effect of boundary conditions: a molecular dynamics study". United Kingdom.
title = {Dislocation-graphene interactions in Cu/graphene composites and the effect of boundary conditions: a molecular dynamics study},
author = {Shuang, Fei and Aifantis, Katerina E.},
abstractNote = {},
doi = {10.1016/j.carbon.2020.09.043},
journal = {Carbon},
number = C,
volume = 172,
place = {United Kingdom},
year = {2021},
month = {2}

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