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Title: Hybrid magnonics: Physics, circuits, and applications for coherent information processing

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  1. Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, Illinois 60439, USA
  2. Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, Illinois 60439, USA, Department of Physics, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan 48309, USA
  3. Department of Physics, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan 48309, USA
  4. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois 61801, USA
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Journal of Applied Physics
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Journal Name: Journal of Applied Physics Journal Volume: 128 Journal Issue: 13; Journal ID: ISSN 0021-8979
American Institute of Physics
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United States

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Li, Yi, Zhang, Wei, Tyberkevych, Vasyl, Kwok, Wai-Kwong, Hoffmann, Axel, and Novosad, Valentine. Hybrid magnonics: Physics, circuits, and applications for coherent information processing. United States: N. p., 2020. Web.
Li, Yi, Zhang, Wei, Tyberkevych, Vasyl, Kwok, Wai-Kwong, Hoffmann, Axel, & Novosad, Valentine. Hybrid magnonics: Physics, circuits, and applications for coherent information processing. United States.
Li, Yi, Zhang, Wei, Tyberkevych, Vasyl, Kwok, Wai-Kwong, Hoffmann, Axel, and Novosad, Valentine. Wed . "Hybrid magnonics: Physics, circuits, and applications for coherent information processing". United States.
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