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Title: High-throughput experimentation meets artificial intelligence: a new pathway to catalyst discovery


High throughput experimentation in heterogeneous catalysis provides an efficient solution to the generation of large datasets under reproducible conditions.

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  1. College of Engineering and Computing, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
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USDOE Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. PCCP
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Journal Name: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. PCCP Journal Volume: 22 Journal Issue: 20; Journal ID: ISSN 1463-9076
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
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United Kingdom

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McCullough, Katherine, Williams, Travis, Mingle, Kathleen, Jamshidi, Pooyan, and Lauterbach, Jochen. High-throughput experimentation meets artificial intelligence: a new pathway to catalyst discovery. United Kingdom: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1039/D0CP00972E.
McCullough, Katherine, Williams, Travis, Mingle, Kathleen, Jamshidi, Pooyan, & Lauterbach, Jochen. High-throughput experimentation meets artificial intelligence: a new pathway to catalyst discovery. United Kingdom.
McCullough, Katherine, Williams, Travis, Mingle, Kathleen, Jamshidi, Pooyan, and Lauterbach, Jochen. Wed . "High-throughput experimentation meets artificial intelligence: a new pathway to catalyst discovery". United Kingdom.
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Low temperature H2 production from ammonia using ruthenium-based catalysts: Synergetic effect of promoter and support
journal, August 2015