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Title: Efficient Electrocatalytic Synthesis of Ammonia from Water and Air in a Membrane‐Free Cell: Confining the Iron Oxide Catalyst to the Cathode

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  1. Department of Chemistry The George Washington University Washington DC 20052 USA
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
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Journal Name: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Journal Volume: 2020 Journal Issue: 15-16; Journal ID: ISSN 1434-1948
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Liu, Xinye, Li, Fang‐Fang, Peng, Ping, Licht, Gad, and Licht, Stuart. Efficient Electrocatalytic Synthesis of Ammonia from Water and Air in a Membrane‐Free Cell: Confining the Iron Oxide Catalyst to the Cathode. Germany: N. p., 2019. Web.
Liu, Xinye, Li, Fang‐Fang, Peng, Ping, Licht, Gad, & Licht, Stuart. Efficient Electrocatalytic Synthesis of Ammonia from Water and Air in a Membrane‐Free Cell: Confining the Iron Oxide Catalyst to the Cathode. Germany.
Liu, Xinye, Li, Fang‐Fang, Peng, Ping, Licht, Gad, and Licht, Stuart. Wed . "Efficient Electrocatalytic Synthesis of Ammonia from Water and Air in a Membrane‐Free Cell: Confining the Iron Oxide Catalyst to the Cathode". Germany.
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doi = {10.1002/ejic.201900667},
journal = {European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry},
number = 15-16,
volume = 2020,
place = {Germany},
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