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Title: The Central Amazon Biomass Sink Under Current and Future Atmospheric CO 2 : Predictions From Big‐Leaf and Demographic Vegetation Models

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  1. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley CA USA
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  5. Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation ‐ Embrapa Brasilia Brazil
  6. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley CA USA, Department of GeographyUniversity of California Berkeley Berkeley CA USA
  7. Department of Organismic and Evolutionary BiologyHarvard University Cambridge MA USA
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Published Article
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Journal of Geophysical Research. Biogeosciences
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[Journal Name: Journal of Geophysical Research. Biogeosciences Journal Volume: 125 Journal Issue: 3]; Journal ID: ISSN 2169-8953
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
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United States

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Holm, Jennifer A., Knox, Ryan G., Zhu, Qing, Fisher, Rosie A., Koven, Charles D., Nogueira Lima, Adriano J., Riley, William J., Longo, Marcos, Negrón‐Juárez, Robinson I., Araujo, Alessandro C., Kueppers, Lara M., Moorcroft, Paul R., Higuchi, Niro, and Chambers, Jeffrey Q. The Central Amazon Biomass Sink Under Current and Future Atmospheric CO 2 : Predictions From Big‐Leaf and Demographic Vegetation Models. United States: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1029/2019JG005500.
Holm, Jennifer A., Knox, Ryan G., Zhu, Qing, Fisher, Rosie A., Koven, Charles D., Nogueira Lima, Adriano J., Riley, William J., Longo, Marcos, Negrón‐Juárez, Robinson I., Araujo, Alessandro C., Kueppers, Lara M., Moorcroft, Paul R., Higuchi, Niro, & Chambers, Jeffrey Q. The Central Amazon Biomass Sink Under Current and Future Atmospheric CO 2 : Predictions From Big‐Leaf and Demographic Vegetation Models. United States. doi:10.1029/2019JG005500.
Holm, Jennifer A., Knox, Ryan G., Zhu, Qing, Fisher, Rosie A., Koven, Charles D., Nogueira Lima, Adriano J., Riley, William J., Longo, Marcos, Negrón‐Juárez, Robinson I., Araujo, Alessandro C., Kueppers, Lara M., Moorcroft, Paul R., Higuchi, Niro, and Chambers, Jeffrey Q. Sun . "The Central Amazon Biomass Sink Under Current and Future Atmospheric CO 2 : Predictions From Big‐Leaf and Demographic Vegetation Models". United States. doi:10.1029/2019JG005500.
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DOI: 10.1029/2019JG005500

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