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Title: Origin of the High CO Oxidation Activity on CeO 2 Supported Pt Nanoparticles: Weaker Binding of CO or Facile Oxygen Transfer from the Support?

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  1. Department of Chemical EngineeringVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg VA 24060 USA
  2. Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Center for Micro-Engineered MaterialsUniversity of New Mexico Albuquerque NM 87131 USA
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FG02-05ER15712; AC02-76SF00515
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Journal Name: ChemCatChem Journal Volume: 12 Journal Issue: 6; Journal ID: ISSN 1867-3880
Wiley Blackwell (John Wiley & Sons)
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Lu, Yubing, Thompson, Coogan, Kunwar, Deepak, Datye, Abhaya K., and Karim, Ayman M. Origin of the High CO Oxidation Activity on CeO 2 Supported Pt Nanoparticles: Weaker Binding of CO or Facile Oxygen Transfer from the Support?. Germany: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1002/cctc.201901848.
Lu, Yubing, Thompson, Coogan, Kunwar, Deepak, Datye, Abhaya K., & Karim, Ayman M. Origin of the High CO Oxidation Activity on CeO 2 Supported Pt Nanoparticles: Weaker Binding of CO or Facile Oxygen Transfer from the Support?. Germany. doi:
Lu, Yubing, Thompson, Coogan, Kunwar, Deepak, Datye, Abhaya K., and Karim, Ayman M. Thu . "Origin of the High CO Oxidation Activity on CeO 2 Supported Pt Nanoparticles: Weaker Binding of CO or Facile Oxygen Transfer from the Support?". Germany. doi:
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doi = {10.1002/cctc.201901848},
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number = 6,
volume = 12,
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