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Title: Microbial carbon limitation: The need for integrating microorganisms into our understanding of ecosystem carbon cycling

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  1. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Climate and Ecosystem Science Division Berkeley CA USA
  2. Department of Biology University of Antwerp Wilrijk Belgium, Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science University of Vienna Vienna Austria
  3. Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Application Bellaterra Catalonia Spain, Global Ecology Unit CREAF‐CSIC‐UAB Bellaterra Catalonia Spain
  4. Department of Biology University of Antwerp Wilrijk Belgium
  5. Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science University of Vienna Vienna Austria, Ecosystems Services and Management Program International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Laxenburg Austria
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Global Change Biology
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Journal Name: Global Change Biology Journal Volume: 26 Journal Issue: 4; Journal ID: ISSN 1354-1013
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United Kingdom

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Soong, Jennifer L., Fuchslueger, Lucia, Marañon‐Jimenez, Sara, Torn, Margaret S., Janssens, Ivan A., Penuelas, Josep, and Richter, Andreas. Microbial carbon limitation: The need for integrating microorganisms into our understanding of ecosystem carbon cycling. United Kingdom: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1111/gcb.14962.
Soong, Jennifer L., Fuchslueger, Lucia, Marañon‐Jimenez, Sara, Torn, Margaret S., Janssens, Ivan A., Penuelas, Josep, & Richter, Andreas. Microbial carbon limitation: The need for integrating microorganisms into our understanding of ecosystem carbon cycling. United Kingdom.
Soong, Jennifer L., Fuchslueger, Lucia, Marañon‐Jimenez, Sara, Torn, Margaret S., Janssens, Ivan A., Penuelas, Josep, and Richter, Andreas. Sat . "Microbial carbon limitation: The need for integrating microorganisms into our understanding of ecosystem carbon cycling". United Kingdom.
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