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Title: Mass ratio effects underlie ecosystem responses to environmental change

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  1. Department of Biology and Graduate Degree Program in Ecology Colorado State University Fort Collins CO USA
  2. Department of Biology University of North Carolina Greensboro Greensboro NC USA
  3. Morton K. Blaustein Department of Earth &, Planetary Sciences Johns Hopkins University Baltimore MD USA
  4. USDA Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center Burns OR USA
  5. School of Biological Sciences Southern Illinois University Carbondale IL USA
  6. USDA‐ARS Rangeland Resources and Systems Research Unit Fort Collins CO USA
  7. Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Edgewater MD USA
  8. Odum School of Ecology The University of Georgia Athens GA USA
  9. Department of Ecosystem Science and Management University of Wyoming Laramie WY USA
  10. National Hulunber Grassland Ecosystem Observation and Research Station Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing China
  11. Division of Biology Kansas State University Manhattan KS USA
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Journal of Ecology
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Journal Name: Journal of Ecology Journal Volume: 108 Journal Issue: 3; Journal ID: ISSN 0022-0477
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United Kingdom

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Smith, Melinda D., Koerner, Sally E., Knapp, Alan K., Avolio, Meghan L., Chaves, Francis A., Denton, Elsie M., Dietrich, John, Gibson, David J., Gray, Jesse, Hoffman, Ava M., Hoover, David L., Komatsu, Kimberly J., Silletti, Andrea, Wilcox, Kevin R., Yu, Qiang, Blair, John M., and Laliberté, ed., Etienne. Mass ratio effects underlie ecosystem responses to environmental change. United Kingdom: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1111/1365-2745.13330.
Smith, Melinda D., Koerner, Sally E., Knapp, Alan K., Avolio, Meghan L., Chaves, Francis A., Denton, Elsie M., Dietrich, John, Gibson, David J., Gray, Jesse, Hoffman, Ava M., Hoover, David L., Komatsu, Kimberly J., Silletti, Andrea, Wilcox, Kevin R., Yu, Qiang, Blair, John M., & Laliberté, ed., Etienne. Mass ratio effects underlie ecosystem responses to environmental change. United Kingdom.
Smith, Melinda D., Koerner, Sally E., Knapp, Alan K., Avolio, Meghan L., Chaves, Francis A., Denton, Elsie M., Dietrich, John, Gibson, David J., Gray, Jesse, Hoffman, Ava M., Hoover, David L., Komatsu, Kimberly J., Silletti, Andrea, Wilcox, Kevin R., Yu, Qiang, Blair, John M., and Laliberté, ed., Etienne. Tue . "Mass ratio effects underlie ecosystem responses to environmental change". United Kingdom.
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