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Title: Legume Addition to Perennial Warm-Season Grass Swards Increases Harvested Biomass

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  1. Dep. of Agronomy and USDOE Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1575 Linden Dr. Madison WI 53706
  2. Dep. of Agronomy and USDOE Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1575 Linden Dr. Madison WI 53706, USDA-ARS, US Dairy Forage Research Center, 1925 Linden Dr. Madison WI 53706
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Crop Science
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Journal Name: Crop Science Journal Volume: 57 Journal Issue: 6; Journal ID: ISSN 0011-183X
Wiley Blackwell (John Wiley & Sons)
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United States

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Jakubowski, Andrew R., Casler, Michael D., and Jackson, Randall D. Legume Addition to Perennial Warm-Season Grass Swards Increases Harvested Biomass. United States: N. p., 2017. Web. doi:10.2135/cropsci2017.04.0266.
Jakubowski, Andrew R., Casler, Michael D., & Jackson, Randall D. Legume Addition to Perennial Warm-Season Grass Swards Increases Harvested Biomass. United States. doi:10.2135/cropsci2017.04.0266.
Jakubowski, Andrew R., Casler, Michael D., and Jackson, Randall D. Thu . "Legume Addition to Perennial Warm-Season Grass Swards Increases Harvested Biomass". United States. doi:10.2135/cropsci2017.04.0266.
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DOI: 10.2135/cropsci2017.04.0266

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