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Title: Interfacing the Cell with “Biomimetic Membrane Proteins”

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  1. Department of PhysicsInstitute for Nanotechnology and Advanced MaterialsBar‐Ilan University Ramat‐Gan 5290002 Israel, Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced MaterialsBar‐Ilan University Ramat‐Gan 5290002 Israel
  2. Agricultural Research OrganizationThe Volcani CenterInstitute of Agricultural Engineering Rishon LeZion 7505101 Israel
  3. Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced MaterialsBar‐Ilan University Ramat‐Gan 5290002 Israel, School of Optometry and Vision ScienceFaculty of Life SciencesBar‐Ilan University Ramat‐Gan 5290002 Israel
  4. Department of PhysicsInstitute for Nanotechnology and Advanced MaterialsBar‐Ilan University Ramat‐Gan 5290002 Israel, Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced MaterialsBar‐Ilan University Ramat‐Gan 5290002 Israel, Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryUniversity of California Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 90095 USA, California NanoSystems InstituteUniversity of California Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 90095 USA
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Grupi, Asaf, Ashur, Idan, Degani‐Katzav, Nurit, Yudovich, Shimon, Shapira, Zehavit, Marzouq, Adan, Morgenstein, Lion, Mandel, Yossi, and Weiss, Shimon. Interfacing the Cell with “Biomimetic Membrane Proteins”. Germany: N. p., 2019. Web. doi:10.1002/smll.201903006.
Grupi, Asaf, Ashur, Idan, Degani‐Katzav, Nurit, Yudovich, Shimon, Shapira, Zehavit, Marzouq, Adan, Morgenstein, Lion, Mandel, Yossi, & Weiss, Shimon. Interfacing the Cell with “Biomimetic Membrane Proteins”. Germany. doi:
Grupi, Asaf, Ashur, Idan, Degani‐Katzav, Nurit, Yudovich, Shimon, Shapira, Zehavit, Marzouq, Adan, Morgenstein, Lion, Mandel, Yossi, and Weiss, Shimon. Sun . "Interfacing the Cell with “Biomimetic Membrane Proteins”". Germany. doi:
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