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Title: Bimetallic Mo-Co/ZSM-5 and Mo-Ni/ZSM-5 catalysts for methane dehydroaromatization: A study of the effect of pretreatment and metal loadings on the catalytic behavior

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Applied Catalysis. A, General
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Journal Name: Applied Catalysis. A, General Journal Volume: 589 Journal Issue: C; Journal ID: ISSN 0926-860X
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Sridhar, Apoorva, Rahman, Mustafizur, Infantes-Molina, Antonia, Wylie, Benjamin J., Borcik, Collin G., and Khatib, Sheima J. Bimetallic Mo-Co/ZSM-5 and Mo-Ni/ZSM-5 catalysts for methane dehydroaromatization: A study of the effect of pretreatment and metal loadings on the catalytic behavior. Netherlands: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1016/j.apcata.2019.117247.
Sridhar, Apoorva, Rahman, Mustafizur, Infantes-Molina, Antonia, Wylie, Benjamin J., Borcik, Collin G., & Khatib, Sheima J. Bimetallic Mo-Co/ZSM-5 and Mo-Ni/ZSM-5 catalysts for methane dehydroaromatization: A study of the effect of pretreatment and metal loadings on the catalytic behavior. Netherlands.
Sridhar, Apoorva, Rahman, Mustafizur, Infantes-Molina, Antonia, Wylie, Benjamin J., Borcik, Collin G., and Khatib, Sheima J. Wed . "Bimetallic Mo-Co/ZSM-5 and Mo-Ni/ZSM-5 catalysts for methane dehydroaromatization: A study of the effect of pretreatment and metal loadings on the catalytic behavior". Netherlands.
title = {Bimetallic Mo-Co/ZSM-5 and Mo-Ni/ZSM-5 catalysts for methane dehydroaromatization: A study of the effect of pretreatment and metal loadings on the catalytic behavior},
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doi = {10.1016/j.apcata.2019.117247},
journal = {Applied Catalysis. A, General},
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place = {Netherlands},
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