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Title: Defining a spectrum of integrative trait‐based vegetation canopy structural types

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  1. Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering University of Connecticut Storrs CT USA
  2. Department of Biology Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond VA USA
  3. Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and Environmental and Ecological Engineering Purdue University West Lafayette IN USA
  4. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Biological Station, University of Michigan Ann Arbor and Pellston MI USA
  5. Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology Ohio State University Columbus OH USA
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Ecology Letters
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Journal Name: Ecology Letters Journal Volume: 22 Journal Issue: 12; Journal ID: ISSN 1461-023X
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United Kingdom

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Fahey, Robert T., Atkins, Jeff W., Gough, Christopher M., Hardiman, Brady S., Nave, Lucas E., Tallant, Jason M., Nadehoffer, Knute J., Vogel, Christoph, Scheuermann, Cynthia M., Stuart‐Haëntjens, Ellen, Haber, Lisa T., Fotis, Alexander T., Ricart, Raleigh, Curtis, Peter S., and Penuelas, ed., Josep. Defining a spectrum of integrative trait‐based vegetation canopy structural types. United Kingdom: N. p., 2019. Web. doi:10.1111/ele.13388.
Fahey, Robert T., Atkins, Jeff W., Gough, Christopher M., Hardiman, Brady S., Nave, Lucas E., Tallant, Jason M., Nadehoffer, Knute J., Vogel, Christoph, Scheuermann, Cynthia M., Stuart‐Haëntjens, Ellen, Haber, Lisa T., Fotis, Alexander T., Ricart, Raleigh, Curtis, Peter S., & Penuelas, ed., Josep. Defining a spectrum of integrative trait‐based vegetation canopy structural types. United Kingdom.
Fahey, Robert T., Atkins, Jeff W., Gough, Christopher M., Hardiman, Brady S., Nave, Lucas E., Tallant, Jason M., Nadehoffer, Knute J., Vogel, Christoph, Scheuermann, Cynthia M., Stuart‐Haëntjens, Ellen, Haber, Lisa T., Fotis, Alexander T., Ricart, Raleigh, Curtis, Peter S., and Penuelas, ed., Josep. Mon . "Defining a spectrum of integrative trait‐based vegetation canopy structural types". United Kingdom.
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abstractNote = {},
doi = {10.1111/ele.13388},
journal = {Ecology Letters},
number = 12,
volume = 22,
place = {United Kingdom},
year = {2019},
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