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Title: Probing the seesaw mechanism at the 250 GeV ILC

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Published Article
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Physics Letters B
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Journal Name: Physics Letters B Journal Volume: 797 Journal Issue: C; Journal ID: ISSN 0370-2693
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Das, Arindam, Okada, Nobuchika, Okada, Satomi, and Raut, Digesh. Probing the seesaw mechanism at the 250 GeV ILC. Netherlands: N. p., 2019. Web. doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2019.134849.
Das, Arindam, Okada, Nobuchika, Okada, Satomi, & Raut, Digesh. Probing the seesaw mechanism at the 250 GeV ILC. Netherlands. doi:
Das, Arindam, Okada, Nobuchika, Okada, Satomi, and Raut, Digesh. Tue . "Probing the seesaw mechanism at the 250 GeV ILC". Netherlands. doi:
title = {Probing the seesaw mechanism at the 250 GeV ILC},
author = {Das, Arindam and Okada, Nobuchika and Okada, Satomi and Raut, Digesh},
abstractNote = {},
doi = {10.1016/j.physletb.2019.134849},
journal = {Physics Letters B},
number = C,
volume = 797,
place = {Netherlands},
year = {2019},
month = {10}

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