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Title: Synthesis and Characterization of 2‐(2‐Pyridinyl)pyrazine and 2,2′‐Bipyrazine Derivatives

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  1. Department of ChemistryWichita State University Wichita Kansas 67260 USA
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
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Journal Name: Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry Journal Volume: 56 Journal Issue: 3; Journal ID: ISSN 0022-152X
Wiley Blackwell (John Wiley & Sons)
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United States

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KomReddy, Venugopal, Rillema, D. Paul, Nguyen, Huy, and Kadel, Lava. Synthesis and Characterization of 2‐(2‐Pyridinyl)pyrazine and 2,2′‐Bipyrazine Derivatives. United States: N. p., 2019. Web. doi:10.1002/jhet.3479.
KomReddy, Venugopal, Rillema, D. Paul, Nguyen, Huy, & Kadel, Lava. Synthesis and Characterization of 2‐(2‐Pyridinyl)pyrazine and 2,2′‐Bipyrazine Derivatives. United States. doi:10.1002/jhet.3479.
KomReddy, Venugopal, Rillema, D. Paul, Nguyen, Huy, and Kadel, Lava. Tue . "Synthesis and Characterization of 2‐(2‐Pyridinyl)pyrazine and 2,2′‐Bipyrazine Derivatives". United States. doi:10.1002/jhet.3479.
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doi = {10.1002/jhet.3479},
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volume = 56,
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DOI: 10.1002/jhet.3479

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