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Title: Seascape genomics of eastern oyster ( Crassostrea virginica ) along the Atlantic coast of Canada

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  1. Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes (IBIS) Université Laval Québec Québec Canada, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of Toronto Toronto Ontario Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Moncton New Brunswick Canada, L’Étang Ruisseau Bar Ltd. Shippagan New Brunswick Canada
  2. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of Toronto Toronto Ontario Canada
  3. Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes (IBIS) Université Laval Québec Québec Canada
  4. Fisheries and Oceans Canada Moncton New Brunswick Canada
  5. L’Étang Ruisseau Bar Ltd. Shippagan New Brunswick Canada
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Evolutionary Applications
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Journal Name: Evolutionary Applications Journal Volume: 12 Journal Issue: 3; Journal ID: ISSN 1752-4571
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United Kingdom

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Bernatchez, Simon, Xuereb, Amanda, Laporte, Martin, Benestan, Laura, Steeves, Royce, Laflamme, Mark, Bernatchez, Louis, and Mallet, Martin A. Seascape genomics of eastern oyster ( Crassostrea virginica ) along the Atlantic coast of Canada. United Kingdom: N. p., 2018. Web.
Bernatchez, Simon, Xuereb, Amanda, Laporte, Martin, Benestan, Laura, Steeves, Royce, Laflamme, Mark, Bernatchez, Louis, & Mallet, Martin A. Seascape genomics of eastern oyster ( Crassostrea virginica ) along the Atlantic coast of Canada. United Kingdom.
Bernatchez, Simon, Xuereb, Amanda, Laporte, Martin, Benestan, Laura, Steeves, Royce, Laflamme, Mark, Bernatchez, Louis, and Mallet, Martin A. Wed . "Seascape genomics of eastern oyster ( Crassostrea virginica ) along the Atlantic coast of Canada". United Kingdom.
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