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Title: Manipulation of Edge‐Site Fe–N 2 Moiety on Holey Fe, N Codoped Graphene to Promote the Cycle Stability and Rate Capacity of Li–S Batteries

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  1. Beijing Key Laboratory for Magnetoelectric Materials and Devices (BKL‐MEMD) Beijing Innovation Center for Engineering Science and Advanced Technology (BIC‐ESAT) Department of Materials Science and Engineering College of Engineering Peking University Beijing 100871 China
  2. Centre for Clean Environmental and Energy and School of Environment and Science Griffith University Gold Coast Queensland 4222 Australia
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Advanced Functional Materials
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Journal Name: Advanced Functional Materials Journal Volume: 29 Journal Issue: 5; Journal ID: ISSN 1616-301X
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Wang, Yazhou, Adekoya, David, Sun, Jiqing, Tang, Tianyu, Qiu, Hailong, Xu, Li, Zhang, Shanqing, and Hou, Yanglong. Manipulation of Edge‐Site Fe–N 2 Moiety on Holey Fe, N Codoped Graphene to Promote the Cycle Stability and Rate Capacity of Li–S Batteries. Germany: N. p., 2018. Web. doi:10.1002/adfm.201807485.
Wang, Yazhou, Adekoya, David, Sun, Jiqing, Tang, Tianyu, Qiu, Hailong, Xu, Li, Zhang, Shanqing, & Hou, Yanglong. Manipulation of Edge‐Site Fe–N 2 Moiety on Holey Fe, N Codoped Graphene to Promote the Cycle Stability and Rate Capacity of Li–S Batteries. Germany.
Wang, Yazhou, Adekoya, David, Sun, Jiqing, Tang, Tianyu, Qiu, Hailong, Xu, Li, Zhang, Shanqing, and Hou, Yanglong. Sun . "Manipulation of Edge‐Site Fe–N 2 Moiety on Holey Fe, N Codoped Graphene to Promote the Cycle Stability and Rate Capacity of Li–S Batteries". Germany.
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doi = {10.1002/adfm.201807485},
journal = {Advanced Functional Materials},
number = 5,
volume = 29,
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