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Title: Local Structural Heterogeneity and Electromechanical Responses of Ferroelectrics: Learning from Relaxor Ferroelectrics

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  1. Electronic Materials Research Laboratory Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education and International Center for Dielectric Research School of Electronic and Information Engineering State Key Laboratory for Mechanical Behaviour of Materials Xi'an Jiaotong University Xi'an 710049 China, Materials Research Institute Pennsylvania State University University Park PA 16802 USA
  2. Materials Research Institute Pennsylvania State University University Park PA 16802 USA, Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials Australia Institute of Innovative Materials University of Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia
  3. Group for Ferroelectrics and Functional Oxides Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne‐EPFL 1015 Lausanne Switzerland
  4. Materials Research Institute Pennsylvania State University University Park PA 16802 USA
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Advanced Functional Materials
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Journal Name: Advanced Functional Materials Journal Volume: 28 Journal Issue: 37; Journal ID: ISSN 1616-301X
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Li, Fei, Zhang, Shujun, Damjanovic, Dragan, Chen, Long‐Qing, and Shrout, Thomas R. Local Structural Heterogeneity and Electromechanical Responses of Ferroelectrics: Learning from Relaxor Ferroelectrics. Germany: N. p., 2018. Web. doi:10.1002/adfm.201801504.
Li, Fei, Zhang, Shujun, Damjanovic, Dragan, Chen, Long‐Qing, & Shrout, Thomas R. Local Structural Heterogeneity and Electromechanical Responses of Ferroelectrics: Learning from Relaxor Ferroelectrics. Germany.
Li, Fei, Zhang, Shujun, Damjanovic, Dragan, Chen, Long‐Qing, and Shrout, Thomas R. Sun . "Local Structural Heterogeneity and Electromechanical Responses of Ferroelectrics: Learning from Relaxor Ferroelectrics". Germany.
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