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Title: Influence of Pore Characteristics on the Fate and Distribution of Newly Added Carbon

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Published Article
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Frontiers in Environmental Science
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Journal Name: Frontiers in Environmental Science Journal Volume: 6; Journal ID: ISSN 2296-665X
Frontiers Media SA
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Quigley, Michelle Y., Negassa, Wakene C., Guber, Andrey K., Rivers, Mark L., and Kravchenko, Alexandra N. Influence of Pore Characteristics on the Fate and Distribution of Newly Added Carbon. Switzerland: N. p., 2018. Web. doi:10.3389/fenvs.2018.00051.
Quigley, Michelle Y., Negassa, Wakene C., Guber, Andrey K., Rivers, Mark L., & Kravchenko, Alexandra N. Influence of Pore Characteristics on the Fate and Distribution of Newly Added Carbon. Switzerland. doi:
Quigley, Michelle Y., Negassa, Wakene C., Guber, Andrey K., Rivers, Mark L., and Kravchenko, Alexandra N. Wed . "Influence of Pore Characteristics on the Fate and Distribution of Newly Added Carbon". Switzerland. doi:
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doi = {10.3389/fenvs.2018.00051},
journal = {Frontiers in Environmental Science},
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volume = 6,
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