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Title: Chemical and valence reconstruction at the surface of SmB 6 revealed by means of resonant soft x-ray reflectometry

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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Physical Review B
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Journal Name: Physical Review B Journal Volume: 97 Journal Issue: 20; Journal ID: ISSN 2469-9950
American Physical Society
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United States

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Zabolotnyy, V. B., Fürsich, K., Green, R. J., Lutz, P., Treiber, K., Min, Chul-Hee, Dukhnenko, A. V., Shitsevalova, N. Y., Filipov, V. B., Kang, B. Y., Cho, B. K., Sutarto, R., He, Feizhou, Reinert, F., Inosov, D. S., and Hinkov, V. Chemical and valence reconstruction at the surface of SmB 6 revealed by means of resonant soft x-ray reflectometry. United States: N. p., 2018. Web. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.97.205416.
Zabolotnyy, V. B., Fürsich, K., Green, R. J., Lutz, P., Treiber, K., Min, Chul-Hee, Dukhnenko, A. V., Shitsevalova, N. Y., Filipov, V. B., Kang, B. Y., Cho, B. K., Sutarto, R., He, Feizhou, Reinert, F., Inosov, D. S., & Hinkov, V. Chemical and valence reconstruction at the surface of SmB 6 revealed by means of resonant soft x-ray reflectometry. United States. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.97.205416.
Zabolotnyy, V. B., Fürsich, K., Green, R. J., Lutz, P., Treiber, K., Min, Chul-Hee, Dukhnenko, A. V., Shitsevalova, N. Y., Filipov, V. B., Kang, B. Y., Cho, B. K., Sutarto, R., He, Feizhou, Reinert, F., Inosov, D. S., and Hinkov, V. Mon . "Chemical and valence reconstruction at the surface of SmB 6 revealed by means of resonant soft x-ray reflectometry". United States. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.97.205416.
title = {Chemical and valence reconstruction at the surface of SmB 6 revealed by means of resonant soft x-ray reflectometry},
author = {Zabolotnyy, V. B. and Fürsich, K. and Green, R. J. and Lutz, P. and Treiber, K. and Min, Chul-Hee and Dukhnenko, A. V. and Shitsevalova, N. Y. and Filipov, V. B. and Kang, B. Y. and Cho, B. K. and Sutarto, R. and He, Feizhou and Reinert, F. and Inosov, D. S. and Hinkov, V.},
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doi = {10.1103/PhysRevB.97.205416},
journal = {Physical Review B},
number = 20,
volume = 97,
place = {United States},
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month = {5}

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.97.205416

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