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Title: Pressure-induced phase transition and electrical properties of thermoelectric Al-doped Mg 2 Si

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  1. Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 5E2, Canada
  2. Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, DC 20015, USA
  3. Canadian Light Source and Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439, USA
  4. Department of Applied Science, Faculty of Science, Okayama University of Science, Okayama, Japan
  5. Canadian Light Source, Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 2V3, Canada
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Journal of Applied Physics
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Journal Name: Journal of Applied Physics Journal Volume: 118 Journal Issue: 14; Journal ID: ISSN 0021-8979
American Institute of Physics
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United States

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Zhao, Jianbao, Liu, Zhenxian, Gordon, Robert A., Takarabe, Kenichi, Reid, Joel, and Tse, John S. Pressure-induced phase transition and electrical properties of thermoelectric Al-doped Mg 2 Si. United States: N. p., 2015. Web. doi:10.1063/1.4933069.
Zhao, Jianbao, Liu, Zhenxian, Gordon, Robert A., Takarabe, Kenichi, Reid, Joel, & Tse, John S. Pressure-induced phase transition and electrical properties of thermoelectric Al-doped Mg 2 Si. United States. doi:10.1063/1.4933069.
Zhao, Jianbao, Liu, Zhenxian, Gordon, Robert A., Takarabe, Kenichi, Reid, Joel, and Tse, John S. Wed . "Pressure-induced phase transition and electrical properties of thermoelectric Al-doped Mg 2 Si". United States. doi:10.1063/1.4933069.
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doi = {10.1063/1.4933069},
journal = {Journal of Applied Physics},
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volume = 118,
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DOI: 10.1063/1.4933069

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