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Title: Production of Jet Fuel-Range Hydrocarbons from Hydrodeoxygenation of Lignin over Super Lewis Acid Combined with Metal Catalysts

Super Lewis acids containing the triflate anion [e.g., Hf(OTf) 4, Ln(OTf) 3, In(OTf) 3, Al(OTf) 3] and noble metal catalysts (e.g., Ru/C, Ru/Al2O 3) formed efficient catalytic systems to generate saturated hydrocarbons from lignin in high yields. In such catalytic systems, the metal triflates mediated rapid ether bond cleavage through selective bonding to etheric oxygens while the noble metal catalyzed subsequent hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) reactions. Near theoretical yields of hydrocarbons were produced from lignin model compounds by the combined catalysis of Hf(OTf)4 and ruthenium-based catalysts. When a technical lignin derived from a pilot-scale biorefinery was used, more than 30 wt % of the hydrocarbons produced with this catalytic system were cyclohexane and alkylcyclohexanes in the jet fuel range. Super Lewis acids are postulated to strongly interact with lignin substrates by protonating hydroxyl groups and ether linkages, forming intermediate species that enhance hydrogenation catalysis by supported noble metal catalysts. Meanwhile, the hydrogenation of aromatic rings by the noble metal catalysts can promote oxygenation reactions catalyzed by super Lewis acids.
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  1. Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA (United States)
  2. Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
  3. National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)
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Journal ID: ISSN 1864-5631; TRN: US1800208
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AC36-08GO28308; AC36-08G028308
Accepted Manuscript
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Journal Volume: 11; Journal Issue: 1; Journal ID: ISSN 1864-5631
ChemPubSoc Europe
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National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
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United States
09 BIOMASS FUELS; biomass conversion; fuels; hydrocarbons; hydrodeoxygenation; metal triflates
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OSTI ID: 1409447