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Title: Seasonal below‐ground metabolism in switchgrass

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  1. Wheat, Sorghum, and Forage Research Unit USDA‐ARS Lincoln NE 68583 USA, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture University of Nebraska at Lincoln Lincoln NE 68583 USA
  2. Stored Product Insect and Engineering Research Unit USDA‐Agricultural Research Service Center for Grain and Animal Health Manhattan KS 66502 USA
  3. Crop Improvement and Genetics Research USDA‐ARS Albany CA 94710 USA
  4. Biology Department University of Nebraska at Kearney Kearney NE 68849 USA
  5. Department of Biochemistry University of Nebraska at Lincoln Lincoln NE 68588 USA
  6. Agroecosystem Management Research Unit USDA‐ARS Lincoln NE 68583 USA, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture University of Nebraska at Lincoln Lincoln NE 68583 USA
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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The Plant Journal
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Journal Name: The Plant Journal Journal Volume: 92 Journal Issue: 6; Journal ID: ISSN 0960-7412
Country of Publication:
United Kingdom

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Palmer, Nathan A., Saathoff, Aaron J., Scully, Erin D., Tobias, Christian M., Twigg, Paul, Madhavan, Soundararajan, Schmer, Marty, Cahoon, Rebecca, Sattler, Scott E., Edmé, Serge J., Mitchell, Robert B., and Sarath, Gautam. Seasonal below‐ground metabolism in switchgrass. United Kingdom: N. p., 2017. Web.
Palmer, Nathan A., Saathoff, Aaron J., Scully, Erin D., Tobias, Christian M., Twigg, Paul, Madhavan, Soundararajan, Schmer, Marty, Cahoon, Rebecca, Sattler, Scott E., Edmé, Serge J., Mitchell, Robert B., & Sarath, Gautam. Seasonal below‐ground metabolism in switchgrass. United Kingdom.
Palmer, Nathan A., Saathoff, Aaron J., Scully, Erin D., Tobias, Christian M., Twigg, Paul, Madhavan, Soundararajan, Schmer, Marty, Cahoon, Rebecca, Sattler, Scott E., Edmé, Serge J., Mitchell, Robert B., and Sarath, Gautam. Mon . "Seasonal below‐ground metabolism in switchgrass". United Kingdom.
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abstractNote = {},
doi = {10.1111/tpj.13742},
journal = {The Plant Journal},
number = 6,
volume = 92,
place = {United Kingdom},
year = {2017},
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