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Title: A Transparent, Self-Healing, Highly Stretchable Ionic Conductor

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  1. Department of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside CA 92521 USA
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder CO 80309 USA
  3. Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering Program, University of California, Riverside CA 92521 USA
  4. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder CO 80309 USA, Materials Science and Engineering Program, University of Colorado, Boulder CO 80309 USA
  5. Department of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside CA 92521 USA, Institute of Polymer Optoelectronic Materials and Devices State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640 P. R. China
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Advanced Materials
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Journal Name: Advanced Materials Journal Volume: 29 Journal Issue: 10; Journal ID: ISSN 0935-9648
Wiley Blackwell (John Wiley & Sons)
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Cao, Yue, Morrissey, Timothy G., Acome, Eric, Allec, Sarah I., Wong, Bryan M., Keplinger, Christoph, and Wang, Chao. A Transparent, Self-Healing, Highly Stretchable Ionic Conductor. Germany: N. p., 2016. Web. doi:10.1002/adma.201605099.
Cao, Yue, Morrissey, Timothy G., Acome, Eric, Allec, Sarah I., Wong, Bryan M., Keplinger, Christoph, & Wang, Chao. A Transparent, Self-Healing, Highly Stretchable Ionic Conductor. Germany. doi:10.1002/adma.201605099.
Cao, Yue, Morrissey, Timothy G., Acome, Eric, Allec, Sarah I., Wong, Bryan M., Keplinger, Christoph, and Wang, Chao. Fri . "A Transparent, Self-Healing, Highly Stretchable Ionic Conductor". Germany. doi:10.1002/adma.201605099.
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DOI: 10.1002/adma.201605099

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