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Title: One-step hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical performance of sodium-manganese-iron phosphate as cathode material for Li-ion batteries

The sodium-manganese-iron phosphate Na 2Mn 1.5Fe 1.5(PO 4) 3 (NMFP) with alluaudite structure was obtained by a one-step hydrothermal synthesis route. The physical properties and structure of this material were obtained through XRD and Mössbauer analyses. X-ray diffraction Rietveld refinements confirm a cationic distribution of Na + and presence of vacancies in A(2)’, Na + and small amounts of Mn 2+ in A(1), Mn 2+ in M(1) , 0.5 Mn 2+ and Fe cations (Mn 2+,Fe 2+ and Fe 3+) in M(2), leading to the structural formula Na 2Mn(Mn 0.5Fe 1.5)(PO 4) 3. The particles morphology was investigated by SEM. Several reactions with different hydrothermal reaction times were attempted to design a suitable synthesis protocol of NMFP compound. The time of reaction was varied from 6 to 48 hours at 220°C. The pure phase of NMFP particles was firstly obtained when the hydrothermal reaction of NMFP precursors mixture was maintained at 220°C for 6 hours. When the reaction time was increased from 6 to 12, 24 and 48 hours, the dandelion structure was destroyed in favor of NMFP micro-rods. The combination of NMFP (NMFP-6H, NMFP-12H, NMFP-24H and NMFP-48H) structure refinement and Mössbauer characterizations shows that the increase of the reactionmore » time leads to the progressive increment of Fe(III) and the decrease of the crystal size. The electrochemical tests indicated that NMFP is a 3 V sodium intercalating cathode. The comparison of the discharge capacity evolution of studied NMFP electrode materials at C/5 current density shows different capacities of 48, 40, 34 and 34 mAhg-1 for NMFP-6H, NMFP-12H, NMFP-24H and NMFP-48H respectively. Interestingly, all samples show excellent capacity retention of about 99 % during 50 cycles.« less
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  1. Univ. of Liege, (Belgium)
  2. Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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Accepted Manuscript
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Journal of Solid State Chemistry
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Journal Volume: 253; Journal Issue: C; Journal ID: ISSN 0022-4596
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Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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United States
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