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Title: Non-stationary bias correction of monthly CMIP5 temperature projections over China using a residual-based bagging tree model

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  1. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Irvine CA USA
  2. State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, College of Global Change and Earth System Science, Beijing Normal University, China
  3. China's Agenda21, The Administrative Center, Beijing China
  4. State Key Laboratory of Simulation and Regulation of Water Cycle in River Basin, China, Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Beijing China
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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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International Journal of Climatology
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Journal Name: International Journal of Climatology; Journal ID: ISSN 0899-8418
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United Kingdom

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Tao, Yumeng, Yang, Tiantian, Faridzad, Mohammad, Jiang, Lin, He, Xiaojia, and Zhang, Xiaoming. Non-stationary bias correction of monthly CMIP5 temperature projections over China using a residual-based bagging tree model. United Kingdom: N. p., 2017. Web. doi:10.1002/joc.5188.
Tao, Yumeng, Yang, Tiantian, Faridzad, Mohammad, Jiang, Lin, He, Xiaojia, & Zhang, Xiaoming. Non-stationary bias correction of monthly CMIP5 temperature projections over China using a residual-based bagging tree model. United Kingdom. doi:10.1002/joc.5188.
Tao, Yumeng, Yang, Tiantian, Faridzad, Mohammad, Jiang, Lin, He, Xiaojia, and Zhang, Xiaoming. Fri . "Non-stationary bias correction of monthly CMIP5 temperature projections over China using a residual-based bagging tree model". United Kingdom. doi:10.1002/joc.5188.
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doi = {10.1002/joc.5188},
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DOI: 10.1002/joc.5188

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