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Title: A Complex Endomembrane System in the Archaeon Ignicoccus hospitalis Tapped by Nanoarchaeum equitans

Based on serial sectioning, focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB/SEM), and electron tomography, we depict in detail the highly unusual anatomy of the marine hyperthermophilic crenarchaeon, Ignicoccus hospitalis. Our data support a complex and dynamic endomembrane system consisting of cytoplasmic protrusions, and with secretory function. Moreover, we reveal that the cytoplasm of the putative archaeal ectoparasite Nanoarchaeum equitans can get in direct contact with this endomembrane system, complementing and explaining recent proteomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic data on this inter-archaeal relationship. In addition, we identified a matrix of filamentous structures and/or tethers in the voluminous inter-membrane compartment (IMC) of I. hospitalis, which might be responsible for membrane dynamics. Overall, this unusual cellular compartmentalization, ultrastructure and dynamics in an archaeon that belongs to the recently proposed TACK superphylum prompts speculation that the eukaryotic endomembrane system might originate from Archaea.
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  1. Philipps Univ. of Marburg (Germany). LOEWE Research Center for Synthetic Microbiology (SYNMIKRO)
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Publication Date:
Grant/Contract Number:
SC0006654; DEB-1134877; HU 703/2; 086045/Z/08/Z
Accepted Manuscript
Journal Name:
Frontiers in Microbiology
Additional Journal Information:
Journal Volume: 8; Journal ID: ISSN 1664-302X
Frontiers Research Foundation
Research Org:
Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Philipps Univ. of Marburg (Germany); Univ. of Regensburg (Germany)
Sponsoring Org:
USDOE Office of Science (SC), Biological and Environmental Research (BER) (SC-23); National Science Foundation (NSF); German Research Foundation (DFG); Wellcome Trust (United Kingdom)
Contributing Orgs:
Ludwig Maximilian Univ., Munich (Germany); Univ. of Bayreuth (Germany); Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN (United States)
Country of Publication:
United States
59 BASIC BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES; Archaea; ultrastructure; 3D; eukaryogenesis; FIB/SEM; electron tomography; symbiosis; membranes
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