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Title: Atomically thin two-dimensional organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites

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Published Article
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Journal Name: Science Journal Volume: 349 Journal Issue: 6255; Journal ID: ISSN 0036-8075
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
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United States

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Dou, L., Wong, A. B., Yu, Y., Lai, M., Kornienko, N., Eaton, S. W., Fu, A., Bischak, C. G., Ma, J., Ding, T., Ginsberg, N. S., Wang, L. -W., Alivisatos, A. P., and Yang, P.. Atomically thin two-dimensional organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites. United States: N. p., 2015. Web. doi:10.1126/science.aac7660.
Dou, L., Wong, A. B., Yu, Y., Lai, M., Kornienko, N., Eaton, S. W., Fu, A., Bischak, C. G., Ma, J., Ding, T., Ginsberg, N. S., Wang, L. -W., Alivisatos, A. P., & Yang, P.. Atomically thin two-dimensional organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites. United States.
Dou, L., Wong, A. B., Yu, Y., Lai, M., Kornienko, N., Eaton, S. W., Fu, A., Bischak, C. G., Ma, J., Ding, T., Ginsberg, N. S., Wang, L. -W., Alivisatos, A. P., and Yang, P.. Thu . "Atomically thin two-dimensional organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites". United States.
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